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Fashion Week Model Bag Essentials

Fashion Week is just around the corner. As a model I find myself having to be prepared at all times for the unexpected when heading to a casting or when I'm backstage. Having a model bag packed with the essentials to get me through every show is a must. Contrary to what you may think models are at the end of the list of important details when it comes to a fashion show. Yes, you can't have a fashion show without models but when it comes to day-of preparations like production, dealing with guest, vendors, etc models are usually placed backstage in a corner somewhere.

You'll find yourself waiting for hours until showtime. So a well packed model bag will help the time go by.

Below you'll find the basic model essentials that's in my model bag.

Starting off with the bag itself. You want to select a bag that's not too big or bulky. Keep in mind, sometimes there is limited space backstage and the last thing a designer/event producer needs is a model with a big ass bag taking up space. Also select a bag you can spot easily. This will help you locate the bag quickly and will deter sticky fingers from "accidentally" picking up your bag and walking off with it.

One of the most important items you can have is a mini sewing kit. Being a plus model there are times when a designer has to do on the spot alterations. Having a mini sewing kit shows how prepared you are as a professional and the designers appreciate the gesture.

Next on the list in backstage attire. Packing a light silk robe and slip on sandals is a must. Most designers want you ready for a quick wardrobe change during rehearsals and run thrus. You don't want to deal with the hassle of taking off your street clothes and trying to keep up with them when your backstage getting ready to walk. Even while waiting for your time to walk you should be in a robe ready to make the quick change.

Snacks!!!!!! Most shows requests that the models do not leave the venue after your call time. Meaning, you are stuck there for hours before the actual show begins. Sometimes lunch or snacks are provided but for the most part they are not. So this means it is your responsibility to bring water and light snacks. My model bag is packed with granola bars, nuts, veggies, and fruits. One of the most embarrassing things is to faint backstage or ON THE RUNWAY from not eating. 🤦🏾‍♀️

The next 2 items are my all-time favorites and has saved me many times. About a year ago I came across the Venus Waterless Disposable Razors from Gilette at my local TJ Maxx. No water, sink, or shower is needed.

Its super embarrassing to show up to a casting and realize you forgot to shave your underarms or you missed a spot on your leg 🤦🏾‍♀️ H