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Uncorked Wine Festival KC

"The best wines are the ones we drink with friends"- Unknown🍷 This year's Uncorked Wine Festival Kansas City was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to taste wines from all over. Sampling the various wines is definitely a wine lover's dream. Having wineries from all over the state far and wide all in one building was definitely overwhelming, but in a good way.

The event was held at Union Station, the heart of Kansas City. As you walked in you were greeted by several food trucks. Not just any food trucks but the best food trucks KC has to offer. My friends and I couldn't check in fast enough. We were excited to sip over 100 highly rated wines from across the globe, savor delicious bites, and enjoy live music. Each year we come together and meet at the Uncorked Wine Festival. It's a great excuse to press pause on our busy lives and take the time to truly catch up and nurture our friendships.

I had the opportunity to ask that one burning question with Stone Hill Winery. What makes Missouri wineries so different than the rest? Stone Hill rep responded, "so many people don’t realize the scope of Missouri's wine industry. Often it's because they may not recognize the grapes we grow. Missouri’s climate is demanding and not suitable for all wine grape varieties, so our winemakers primarily grow native American and hybrid varietals that are hardier and able to withstand the pressures of Missouri’s cold winters and humid summers. Missouri may do things a little differently, but we do them really well." Wow, go Missouri 👏🏽

Ill be honest my pallet is not as advance as I'd like it to be. I enjoy sweet wines. My favorite would be a Moscato. Unfortunately, there were no sweet wines in the building. So I had to step outside of my comfort zone and explore the other side of the spectrum.

As I sipped on my Pinot from Parducci, while the event progressed I realized, people can’t hide their true nature for long. Meaning me, I love fashion and the art of one expressing themselves through it. I began to pick up on the impromptu fashion show that was happening before my eyes.

There was a mixture of ending summer fashion which transitioned to early fall. I must say, as a Texan I've notice how KC fashion residents take full advantage of living in the Midwest. The Midwest’s weather is and can be a bit bypolar. One day it’s extremely hot and the next there’s a snow advisory 🤦🏾‍♀️ So KC fashionistas know they can get away with wearing just about anything at any given calendar day. I enjoyed seeing the many different looks Kansas City showcased that evening. Don't believe me? Take a look 👀

Needless to say my friends and I enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to next year's Uncorked Wine Festival.

Keep an eye out for Uncorked Wine Festivals coming to a city near you! Click here for a list of cities!

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