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Honey's Child Boutique Fashion Show

This year's Honey's Child Boutique fashion show was on FIRE!!! The theme for the show was Crazy Sexy Curves. The show opened with a celebrity host, Project Runway winner, Liris Crosse.

The evening had a modern and classy feel at the ANEW ROOFTOP located in St Louis MO. The first look down the indoor/outdoor runway was complete tribal print envy. Serving Wakanda vibes, model Lauron Linna’e demanded your attention as she strutted down the runway.

HCB prides itself on catering to curvy full-figured women. They are STL's first premier boutique for plus size fashionistas, size 12 and up! Each item that hits the store is selected and approved by owner, Letita Young. Young has worked very hard to ensure that plus size women are not shunned in the fashion industry, but that they have a place in the fashion world. Young wishes to constantly set the bar higher and higher as each year passes.

Owner Letita Young

After the show ended guest were able to enjoy a popup shop experience, located downstairs in the lobby. I was one of those guest racing to shop. Young had advised the audience if they have seen anything down the runway that met their liking they would need to claim those pieces before they were gone. So I quickly abandoned my cocktail and scurried downstairs to shop. When I arrived at the popup shop I quickly realized that I was not the only one eyeing some must-have pieces. Actually the dress that hostess, Liris was wearing (pictured below) had almost sold out.

There was one more piece in my size available. Just as I placed my hand on the hanger another shopper grabbed the hanger at the same time. We both look at each other and said "drop it" 😆 Needless to say, I used some of my derby skills and managed to pry it from her cold fingers. A piece thats so versatile as a dress or skirt, I was not leaving without it! All is fair in love and fashion.

The night ended on a great note with full shopping bags, great music, and an amazing plus size fashion show. I can't wait to attend next year's HCB show.

If you do not live in the STL area, not to worry. You can access their full boutique online at

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