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Quick Tip: Summer Sweat Proof Makeup

Staying matte during the summer can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you sweat as much as I do. So, I'm here to give you the beauty industry's secret to keeping your foundation looking matte during the dog days of summer.

*Be sure to have a clean and bare face. Having a clean canvas can really help combat oily issues*

1. Apply moisurizer and primer-

My favorite is Nivea and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Its blurs the skin and gets the face ready for application.

***Warning*** this may seem weird but TRUST ME, GIRL! 💁🏽‍♀️

2. Apply your favorite translucent powder using a damp beauty blender.

My first time using this method freaked me out. It went against everything I was taught. But it actually works.

When applying the translucent powder use a generous amount all over the face. Yes, you will look like Casper but its all worth it 👻 Be sure to use a lot more powder on your T-Zone area or your oily places.

3. Then proceed to apply your foundation as normal. Using a brush or beauty sponge. Don't worry, you won't disrupt the translucent powder. Although, using a beauty sponge is ideal. After you have applied your foundation go ahead and set it with powder to ensure a nice matte finish and a finishing setting spray. You may feel a bit dry/tight but thats normal. Trust me, when you step outside in the 100 degree weather you will feel that nice balance of moisture your face will naturally produce plus the matte finish barrier you just created.

I hope this tip will help you ladies during those summer days ☀️

Let me know below if this method works for you. 💜-FoxxiMUA

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