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The Brand Strategist

KC's Social Media Coach

I absolutely love EVERYTHING about social media. How it connects people, transfers information, and how it allows you to be seen and heard by one click. 

I am known for always having a phone in my hand, capturing the moment. My philosophy is, if you didn't post it, it didn't happen. In order to be successful in your small business with social media, you have to share this same mindset. Especially in a time when you are separated from most of your clients/customers due to quarantine or socially distancing.

That is when social media plays a big part in your business practices.

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It’s the last night of Kansas City Fashi

The Model

Plus Size Curve Model

I've been modeling for about 5+ years and I absolutely love it! I truly believe that you can be sexy at any size. Pushing my self-love agenda is my passion. Spreading love and encouragement to every woman is my main goal. Be fierce. Be confident. Be you.


The Blogger

KC Lifestyle Blogger

I am also a lifestyle blogger. I love exploring this beautiful city that is Kansas City. I enjoy attending local events and sharing my experiences with you. Hunting down the hard to find eateries or the newest food truck everyone is raving about. There is a lot to do in this city and I want to experience it all!

     The Athlete


Roller Derby

 Also, I am a member of the Kansas City Roller Warriors roller derby team. This is where I received my derby name... Foxxi Brown. I am currently entering my 8th season as a WFTDA Blocker. 

Pic: KC Derby Digest

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